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Photo shoot with Jenny w/Video

December 19, 2010

Had an AMAZING time during my photo shoot with Jenny. It was the first time for us both to shoot video during a photo shoot. It won’t be the last ;)

I didn’t have any decent continuous lights, so the day before the shoot I picked up an Interfit super cool-lite 9 kit. I was originally looking at picking up some led panels, but this kit cost the same as one low end led panel. I had to take that in to consideration with my wife approved budget ;)

Jenny, Sara (mua), and Beth (creative assistant) all did an amazing job. Everyone was on the same page and even though it was primarily a photo shoot, everyone had the patience when it came to setting up and grabbing some clips.

I mostly shot with my 16-85mm with a couple 50mm f/1.2 peppered in. Used a slider once or twice and a fluid head as well. As you can probably see, the shoot was in my living room. This isn’t the most ideal space size wise, but having the option of opening some windows when the sun is hitting just right on a seamless paper can make for a sweet look.

Music: Heartbreaker by Mstrkrft

Shutter 1/50
1080 24p
Nikon D7000

Nikkor 50mm f/1.2
Nikkor 16-85mm f/3.5-5.5 dx