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Amazing day at Two Rivers skate park (video)

March 14, 2011

Played disc golf several weeks ago at Two Rivers here in Nashville and noticed this sweet skate park as I was leaving. There was PERFECT light begging me to shoot but I knew by the time I came back with my camera it would be long gone. Came back the next day and captured this:

If you know anyone in this video feel free to pass this along and share! I wish I would have grabbed some of their emails…very thankful they let me shoot!

As far as how the shoot went it was both extremely fun and slightly difficult. This was mostly due to fast movement, never knowing when someone is going to do something sweet, and constant light changes (moving clouds).

I used a 16-85mm f/3.5, 70-200m f/2, and my 50mm 1.2/f.

Used Mocha to get the tracking info for After Effects applied to the intro titles (Could have spent more time on this).

The Nikon D7000 continues to impress me with it’s video capabilities.  I’m getting much much better at getting a great exposure just by look and feel, but if I happen to be underexposed I’ve learned the quality degrades fast. It’s just so hard to break the habit of shooting RAW and underexposing a tad.

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  • Eric says:

    Do you have a filter on the lens? It is yellowish, is that on purpose or can you white balance the camera? What type of video editing program are you using? I like it a lot!