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Playing around with After Effects

January 24, 2011

Just finished about 12 hours of After Effects courses and it was finally time to start playing around. Didn’t take too long to become comfortable…This is far from mind blowing, but fun nonetheless

My two biggest takeaways?

  1. Shortcut keys save soooooo much time.
  2. Time for me to build another beast of a computer with 20+ gigs of ram :(

Some effects I used,

  • Native motion tracking to grab the camera tracking as well as to track her eyes (didn’t feel like busting out mocha just yet)
  • Animated liquify and some glow on the eyes
  • Color balance and levels
  • Rotobrushed her to put the blue fire behind (colorized to blue)
  • Smoke media (w/motion tracking & colorized)
  • Cartoon everything except for parts of her face and smoke (w/motion tracking)
  • Time warp, original footage was 23.976 fps, and I halved that (great job of filling in the empty frames)
  • The bright hits are just animated glow, the reason it looks so weird is the combination with time warp and the interpolated frames
  • Vignette
  • I have no doubt I could improve on this quite a bit, but there are bigger and better things to start working on…

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  • cid kent says:

    OK…it’s official. I’m your newest, biggest fan. I’ve watched all your videos and I’m now going back to start again…you raised the bar (part of me thanks you and other part hates you). Not only is your photography wonderful…but your editing is incredible. I love editing more than videography and you are inspiring. Thank you.