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Slider test at Radnor Lake with the Nikon D7000

November 21, 2010

Beth went along with me to Radnor lake to help me test out my slider.

Overall it went fairly well. Using a slider, at least mine, is an art in it’s own. While the shots are fairly tranquil, I’m definitely not going to share the audio of me cursing under my breathe. The difficulty of getting smooth slides is of course compounded by getting extra motion with a fluid head at the same time. Beth did an amazing job helping me out, but it was by no means easy.

This was the slider I used

I merely attached it to a metal saw horse with 2 small c-clamps. This creates a really inexpensive slider. I have a ball head attached the slider and then a fluid head attached to that. This allows me to level the camera when the slider is at different angles and the different angles are created with the adjustable legs on the saw horse. Biggest downside for me was the weigh and lugging it around for a mile or so was a pain, but for the money I am pretty happy with it.

If your computer can handle it, watch the 1080p version here.